Nicola Kinloch is a New Zealand-born multidisciplinary fine artist based in Melbourne, Australia. With an artistic practice and a design career spanning 30+ years, she has a wealth of experience working in a variety of digital and traditional disciplines such as film and digital photography, installation, video, textile art, and design. 

Best known for her photographic work, Kinloch captures a candid, natural perspective of the world around her. Her passion for photography began when she was four years old after being captivated by the imagery in National Geographic magazines that she found in her grandparents’ home. This influenced her distinct style today, sparking her life-long desire to travel, experience the world and photograph Earth’s many wonders.

Today, Kinloch’s art captures glimpses of the diversity in people, nature, and objects, reflecting subtle nuances in their cultural environment. Drawn by themes of the gaze, public versus private, and nature conservation, many of her works are inspired by and taken during her travels abroad. 

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